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Reading Month Activities

Martin Luther School students and teachers will “Score with Reading”  this year during our March Reading Month.  We have planned some fun and engaging reading activities that involve our whole school.  We are also encouraging your child and family to spend some extra time reading together at home.


The amount of time a child reads has a huge impact on their success in becoming a fluent reader.  Children who read or are read to for at least 20 minutes a day dramatically increase their reading ability.  Three ways that adult family members can read to and with their children are – “I read to you, we read together, and you read to me.”


We would like each student to set a goal for their reading during reading month.  It should be a goal that is greater than the number of minutes that your child reads during Book-It.  The goal should stretch the student to spend more time reading, but it should also be realistic and attainable for them.  (For example – If your Book-It goal is 100 minutes per week, your goal during reading month should be more than that.)  We are asking parents to help your child set their goal and keep your child accountable to that goal.


Your child is to record his/her minutes read on the “Score with Reading” sheet and return to school each Friday.   All students that have met or exceeded their reading goal will be entered into a drawing each Friday.    They will have a chance to win some fun prizes!  They will also receive prizes from the new Bismarck Larks baseball team. If your child reaches their goal each week during reading month, they will get a ticket to attend a Larks baseball game in June.   Of course, we know that the best reward of all is that your child will be increasing his/her reading proficiency!


On Tuesday, March 21, we will have a Family Reading Night which includes supper, a book fair, reading activities and games.  We hope that you will plan to attend.


Lions Are Reading KoolStories during March!